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Ron Hutchison Dog Training Ron Hutchison Dog Training Testimonials

"My family had been having serious dominance problems with our 2 ½ year old Rottweiler mix. Specifically, the dog would spontaneously growl and snap at our child and forget about trying to take something away from him. We were hours away from euthanizing the dog, when I called the Rottweiller Rescue for a trainer recommendation. Ron took the time to listen to our problem and related his own dominance issue with the dog that led him into this career. We had met with several trainers prior, some wanted to put our dog into a very expensive, long term boot camp. Although I was skeptical that Ron could turn our dog around in a mere couple of hours, we gave him a try. Ron taught us how to communicate in dog language; and taught us techniques to show our dog that we are in charge. It sounds unbelievable, but we’ve seen amazing results. Our dog is calm, sweet and submissive. We can take anything away from him without fear of losing a hand. It’s hard to believe that he’s the same dog. We’re looking forward to continuing his training with Ron. He literally, saved our dog’s life."
-  Elizabeth Missan Yost, Vice President, Development Programming,
   Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel

"Ron is a miracle worker. My dog was impossible to walk...pulling, barking at other dogs. Within one hour of an in-home session, my dog's behavior was forever changed."
- Blondie

"I did my research prior to speaking to Ron and was understanding that dog training was going to be a 2 year commitment to get my dog to the point of having good behavior from puppy to adulthood. Plus the fact that this was going to be a serious financial investment. In talking to Ron the first few things he told me completely debunked what other trainers had said. He told my why he was saying what he was saying and explained dog behavior in such a way that you knew he had talent. Chloe my bassett had 1 in home training for me to learn how to live with my puppy and we have since taken beginner training and had our first advanced class today. When we are on the street people walking by comment on how well behaved my dog is and are surprised because she's still a puppy. Ron has a very kind personality and yet can be extremely firm as well. Demonstrating his clear black and white training skills. Chloe is a happier well behaved dog thanks to Ron. If you are looking for a dog trainer stop looking and call Ron."
- Shannon

"My husband Gary and I are so thankful to have found Ron for our Choco through a referral. Choco was a rescue pit bull/ german shorthaired pointer mix whom we adopted when she was 1 year old. She was definitely out of control on the street and had escalating agression issues. We had a private session with Ron and Choco was tamed down by 75% within 2 hours. We also took the basic obedience group class with him and she is very close to perfect now only after a few months. We still plan to take the advanced class with him to bring out the best in Choco. Ron's dedication, his training techniques, and his reasonable pricing simply amazed me!"
- Joyce

"Remarkable progress in the first 15 minutes of Ron's house call. Our 1-year old American Bull Dog, "Boone," was rescued from the Downey, CA Animal Shelter and has animal agression issues above and beyond the considerable protective instincts of his breed. He simply refused to recognize other dogs' right to exist and didn't particulary care for strangers either. We felt we were in over our heads. We handed Ron the leash to a street wise punk and he gave us back a big silly puppy who is eager to please. We would have paid double what Ron charged for half of the results we received. Ceasar who?"

"Ron is a fantastic trainer with many years of experience. I've taken my dogs to both his beginner and advanced group training classes in Canoga Park and they are amazing. He offers both private and group training at a reasonable rate and I highly recommend giving him a call if you are in need of such services. I have referred many people to him and those who have worked with him tell me what a huge difference he makes for them and for their dogs."
- Bonnie